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Hill Country Sustainability

In Central Texas, water is a precious resource, not to be squandered on landscaping. So how can you have beautiful lawns and be “water wise”? You use reclaimed water. Throughout Esperanza, all wastewater is piped to Boerne’s treatment plant and then returned via “purple pipe” and metered to each home. It’s cheaper and a non-guilty way to keep your yard, our fountains and esplanades beautiful. Esperanza is one of few Texas communities that has gone to this great expense. Next time you’re driving along Hwy 46, be sure to look for our Esperanza Water Tower. We take great pride in our partnership with the City of Boerne to construct the city’s first reclaimed water system.

With a mindful eye on sustainability, our go-green efforts do not stop with water. All colorful pool furniture at The Club is made from recycled water bottles and our signature rockwork comes from construction excavation and boulders from the fieldstone walls of our German predecessors.

Esperanza residents also take part in The Lookout Group’s Texas Living Fence initiative. Through pioneering the Texas Living Fence, Esperanza delivers a beautiful streetscape that will continue to mature over time – while affording the privacy you desire.

The Esperanza Difference
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