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The artful details you've hoped for.


An artful setting that embraces nature.

In every detail, large and small, Esperanza strives to interpret and respect the essence of the magnificent Texas Hill Country setting it inhabits. From garden homesites to three-quarter-acre estates, Esperanza’s architecture reflects an elegant brand of luxury and a welcoming atmosphere that whispers, “You’re home.”

The hallmarks of Esperanza’s ambiance are thoughtfulness and harmony, starting with the 1850s-inspired mission standing sentinel as you approach. Our homes and amenities are 100% masonry, clothed in fossilized stones, earth-tone bricks, and stucco, featuring low-pitched roofs, and classic overhangs inspired by early Boerne settler’s homesteads. Throughout Esperanza, timeless design and quality craftsmanship speak for itself.

Fossilized limestone is a favorite aesthetic and sustainable material that you’ll discover throughout Esperanza. It’s an architectural “signature” of Esperanza’s developer, The Lookout Group. The collective goal is to deliver a “surprise around every corner” by creatively staging salvaged limestone from the ranch. Some come from hand stacked, pasture walls and others are remnants of old German settler’s homesteads. Unearthed boulders have been artfully transformed by The Lookout Group’s masonry artists into retaining walls and an array of oversized outdoor furniture, including chairs, poker tables, picnic tables, bus stops and love seats. The limestone throughout Esperanza creates a time-honored sense of place and a nice homage to the Texas Hill Country. It’s fun, too.

You’ll find no traditional wooden fences to dice up the landscape and blight Esperanza’s natural setting. The Lookout Group’s custom designed Texas Living Fence™, is a standard in Esperanza – thoughtfully combining hedgerows with native trees and plants for visual privacy. Click here to learn more about Esperanza’s Texas Living Fences™.

Esperanza also treads lightly on the land. An elaborate reclaimed water system has been incorporated throughout the community to allow for irrigation that meets the needs of the present, all while being mindful of the future. Click here to learn more about Esperanza’s reclaimed water system.